About Us

The San Diego Computer Science Teachers Association is a local chapter of the international Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). The CSTA itself is part of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). ACM is the oldest and largest computer-based organization in the world. If you do anything related to computing, the ACM is probably involved in your life in some significant way.

In 2010 the San Diego CSTA formed a partnership with the UCSD Supercomputer Center for Education to implement a NSF grant piloting the impending AP Computer Science: Principles course at any high school throughout San Diego County interested in working with us.

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Membership in the CSTA is free for individuals. You can register online here.

The Purpose of the San Diego CSTA Chapter is to

• Build a strong community of computer science educators who share their knowledge
• Provide teachers with opportunities for high quality professional development
• Advocate at all levels for a comprehensive computer science curricula
• Support projects that communicate the excitement of computer science to students and
improve their understanding of the opportunities it provides
• Collect and disseminating research about computer science education
• Provide policy recommendations to support computer science in the high school curriculum
• Raise awareness that computer science educators are highly qualified professionals
with skills that enrich the educational experience of their students

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