The Finch is a $99 robot designed for introductory computer science education. Its design is the result of a four year study at Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE lab.

The Finch is designed to support an engaging introduction to the art of programming. It has support for over a dozen programming languages and environments, including environments based on Alice and Scratch appropriate for students as young as eight years old.

The Finch was designed to allow students to write richly interactive programs. On-board features include:

  • Light, temperature, and obstacle sensors 
  • Accelerometers 
  • Motors
  • Buzzer 
  • Full-color beak LED 
  • Plugs into USB port – no batteries required 

hummingbirdThe Hummingbird Robotics Kit is a spin-off product of Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE lab. Hummingbird is designed to enable engineering and robotics activities for ages 10 and up that involve the making of robots, kinetic sculptures, and animatronics built out of a combination of kit parts and crafting materials.

Hummingbirds can be programmed in the CREATE lab visual programmer, Snap!, Java, and Processing. A $199 kit includes a hummingbird controller board, four servos, two motors, two vibration motors, eight LEDs, two tri-color LEDs, light, distance, sound, temperature, and rotary sensors.

Hummingbird kits are used in middle and high school in math, science, art, engineering, and even english and social studies classes. They are a great way to sneak engineering and computing concepts into traditional middle school classes.